Nienie Wood

Transformation Coach and Energy Healer
I help creative-visionaries shift internal blocks by upgrading and reprogramming their subconscious beliefs leading to inner alignment and balance (in their focus, action and output) resulting in wellbeing , abundance and fulfillment.

The Law of Controle and the impact it has on the creation of happiness

You have the freedom and the ability to decide what to do with your life, and that includes learning how to welcome happiness again. 

It's a conscious choice , to emerge from the loss, hopelessness, pain, sadness or whatever it is that you are working through right now. 

There are 6 Laws of the mind. 
I would like to remind you of one of them. 

The Law of Controle. 

We are constantly thinking thoughts , but we have the choice to let it in or dismiss it. 

This is your part in welcoming happiness. 

You can choose what you think and what you allow into the garden of your mind, because every though has a force of its own to manifest and create eventually. 

The biggest obstacle in this, is to process dissapoinment. As you are able to transmute dissapoinment , you will regain the ability to create internal space to welcome the unknown and in it the seeds of happiness. 

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Why we battle to connect with our deepest desires

There is a paradox in the creation process. We need to access our deepest desires and allow them to be birthed through us, but because of our life experiences and many times not getting what we have desired , we hold back. 

Our subconscious then tries to  protect us from not ever experience  disappointment again and also validating the pain we experienced by creating one or a few of the following:

✨strong inner critic
✨self sabotage patterns 
✨mistrust of our abilities             ✨indecision 
✨business and distractions
✨mind clutter 

All the while strengthening the belief that what we want it’s not available to us. 

This becomes a vicious cycle, and eventually we feel stuck and frustrated. 

The way OUT is recoding your subconscious so that it can let go of the old energetic program. This creates space to live in a new paradigm. 

Recoding the mind works on the premise that tention seeks resolution and that when you place your desired reality next to your actual one,  tension is create. 

All that needs to be done is to remove the RESISTANCE between the two. 

Resistance is just your subconscious program create to protect you once upon a time, but it is an outdated program that is blocking you from moving forward. 

Step 1 

Invite the resistance to show you what is it protecting for you. 

Step 2

See the resistance as an aspect of you that is doing it’s best to love you the only way it knows how. 

Step 3 

Remind yourself that beyond the resistance is the birthing of something beautiful but unfamiliar and your mind would need some evedance that it’s better for you than the current , safe and familiar place. 

Step 4

Grow your evidence file

✨feeling into the new experience 

✨using your imagination to explore new alternatives 

When you do this you create a gap, in the old belief for your mind to start questioning the resistance and this this the KEY to change.

Connect If you would like to know more about the recoding process✨
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Balance, Harmony and Light

I have always been drawn to creating art, as it captures Balance ,Harmony and Light. 

Now my artistic expression  has shifted to the Mind, Soul and heart dimension. 

My medium of choice is intuition, 
the Subconscious mind and the Superconscious. 

I use this in my process called Quantum Calibration to help visionary creative shift internal blocks by removing inner resistance, 
blocked energy, 
ancestral trauma, 
stored  trauma , 
limiting behavioral patterns or beliefs to create receptivity and openness to the Quantum Field and it’s limitless possibilities, 
so that aligned action can be taken to create,
 heal and thrive. 

Calibrating to infinite possibilities, 
harmony( finding inner resonance where who you are is aligned with what you do in speech, action and intention) and the balance between acting in rest is what brings about Light work, 
and radiance in the full expression of your journey here on Earth.

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