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ο»Ώ Susan Cheah ο»ΏΒ yes that's the one - ok i'll take a look - thank you
I love it. I haven't had a detailed look around yet. My first impressions are that it is clear, easy to understand, the wording is perfect. I love the big tag line. Compelling and I wish you massive success with this project. My guess is come October you are going to be overflowing with success and all the hard work to design the systems in advance will really pay off. I'm sure a gentle start putting the concept through it's paces will reveal many growth opportunities to be open to user feedback and spread this beautiful gift. SO glad you shared it, it is inspirational and wonderful to see your progress.
here's a little poem i wrote recently
in part informed by my learnings with Thank You Money
and in part informed by the stunning beauty of the Donegal coastline in the far north-west of Irelandο»Ώ