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The Forecaster

I watched a 2014 movie last night about an extraordinary financial forecaster on Amazon Prime. I'm not sure what I was expecting, and it wasn't that, but nonetheless eye opening. Extreme themes about how money & government works. What was most extraordianary for me as I reflect upon it this morning is how we discovered so much history from simply holding the coins themselves. I've been thinking a lot recently about how the quantum vibration knows the past and future of every atom in the universe and like an FM radio signal carries music on a medium of vibration I wonder if the energy of money is carried in a similar way. 

Anyway - just wondering if anyone else has seen it? And wanted to share thoughts esoteric or otherwise about the film. Or was open to a recommendation. 

There's a recurrent theme where he has uncovered a cyclical pattern based upon PI that allows him to make incredibly accurate forecasts and that brought me back to my own preoccupations with the spirals of the universe.
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