Sarah McCrum

Creator of Thank You Money
Hi, I'm an author and teacher


Hi and welcome to this space for sharing your beautiful work. Please be respectful of people. Remember that bad marketing is bad marketing, wherever it takes place.

Good marketing is communication of an invitation for someone to improve their quality of life. In my experience, we always need to reflect on when, where and how to share our invitations.

I'd love this page to be a celebration of the amazing work you all do. Also a place where some of our members will find solutions from providers of products and services who they feel aligned with.

Here's an article about the New Marketing - aligned with Thank You Money:
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Welcome to Open Space

Hi, this is a public space. You're welcome to ask questions of each other, share results, introduce new perspectives and engage in conscious conversation in this space. 

Let's respect and listen to each other, learn from one another and open our minds and hearts to differing points of view. 
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