Vivienne Chambers Brown

Hi everyone, I'm a carer for my parents. I share what lights me up with my partner, son, grandchildren and friends. I enjoy walking in the sunshine and writing poetry to help me with my feelings.

Behind us in the shopping queue! The Orange!

So funny went shopping and behind us was a lady's shopping! The Orange energy still present!😀 What else is now possible? Vx

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Sharing these poems because while listening to Month 8 activation week 3 and the podcasts they came to mind from what I had previously written.

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Felt inspired to share a poem, written in 2010

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Not aware how sensitive I am!

I have joint this group to find out more, don't think I am highly sensitive as I do watch a lot of films that contain violence and action. Yet I am sensitive to criticism, feel overwhelmed easily and feel over responsible for family, friends and find it hard to learn as don't like making mistakes and feeling wrong. I get very angry and have been violent with my words and in the past I have slashed out. Just wondering if anyone else identifies with this? 
Feel a sense of relief writing... Thank you😊 
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