Vaughn Kauffman

I love photography and nature journaling and art. I live in the east edge of the Rocky Mountains in Montana US. I am blessed with an abundance of beauty surrounding us.
Thanks for posting this Firoozeh. It is insightful and sheds light on the manipulation with COVID, guns, and so many other issues. Helps me understand a little better how it is possible someone like trump got elected.
Time to begin a new story that serves ALL equally.
Beautiful. I feel a burst of creative energy from the center outward.
Congratulations Nancy. I can feel the magnitude of your work and vision and am encouraged by your work.
The web site is easy to navigate, looks beautiful and inviting. I’ll be eager to follow your progress and contributions.
Thanks for posting it here so we have access.
Beautiful creations and fun promos
Congratulations Nancy. I got the book and look forward to reading it.