Eleanor O'Hanlon

The Highly Sensitive Summit

The summit has given me greater clarity about why I feel so free, open and expansive when I am with the beings of nature. In nature, this tender capacity is experienced and known for the strength it truly is - the physical and the subtle senses awaken together, become coherent and aligned, and you are naturally linked back into the great conversation that is taking place among all the beings of nature.Β 
Thanks to Sarah, and to everybody for these human conversations that were imbued with that sensitive and compassionate awareness. (The photo above shows wild Exmoor horses, by wildlife photographer Staffan Widstrand.)
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Freedom and the space to Be

Sending thanks to Sarah for her latest blog post, which has spoken to my soul. And for the generous invitation to join last night's balance session with herself and David.
It was marvellous, and this morning I have a beautiful sense of awakened freedom in simply being my own Self.
This takes me back to the group of wild stallions I encountered while riding in the Northern Rockies, and I remember their grace and the freedom they embodied as they approached...ο»Ώ
ο»Ώ"The wild stallions break smoothly into canter coming towards us. They move as one, and no human word I might call on for the evocation of their beauty could capture what they are in flowing unison, the unfettered impulsion in their stride, the airy freedom lifting their black and chestnut manes. ...Some ten yards off, they drop into trot and turning, make a half-circle around us through the trees.
I hear the rhythmic fall of their hooves and think: how the earth must love the drum of their strides." (From my essay in the anthology Spiritual Ecology The Cry of the Earth."
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Meeting the gray whale in Baja California

From the opening chapter of my book Eyes of the Wild Journeys of Transformation with the Animal PowersΒ 
β€œWhen the whale surfaces next, she is close enough for me to reach out and touch her. I run my hands along the skin of her side, which feels indescribably smooth, as though the texture has been endlessly refined by the washing of the sea. Her flesh is firm and cool beneath my hands. Through the physical contact with her body, a sense of the expansive dimensions of her being opens inside me, like soundings from some vast interior sea. As the depth of the meeting grows, it becomes an opening through which something entirely new keeps pouring – a wordless sense of connection with a greater life.Β 
Turning onto one side, the whale gazes up at me through the water; looking down into her dark eye, ringed with folds of skin, I meet the lucid and tranquil gaze of an ancestor, one of the ancient ones of the Earth.
I feel her taking me out, far out, of thought and linear time, beyond the limited concerns of my ordinary mind, into a profound sense of meeting with another being, whose consciousness is not separate from my own. "
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