Daven Lee

Teacher & Guide, The Power of the Yin
I am passionate about supporting strong, sensitive women embody the creativity, potency and unique expression of their Native Energy, the Yin. I offer programs and one-on-one work locally and online.

Women: Reconnect to Your Native Power

My name is Daven Lee.ย  I am the creator of a unique body of work called The Power of the Yin.ย 

I work with sensitive, strong women who want to thrive in their life and make a meaningful impact in the world. To do this,ย  women need to connect to a source of power and creativity that nourishes and supports them.

The problem is, most of us sensitive, strong women try to express our gifts within a false yang culture: one that over-emphasizes competition, linear thinking, action and immediate results.

This culture hurts women.ย  We become exhausted, sick, injured and even lose our mental health.

My work reconnects brilliant women to the source of their knowing, creativity and energy so they can give their gifts from a place of inexhaustible resource: their Native Energy, the Power of the Yin.

I do this through group programs, one-on-one intensives, custom-tailored private sessions and classes that include qigong, sacred Daoist sexuality, somatic journeying, gentle hypnotherapy and yin-yang wisdom.

I am also a healing arts practitioner, practicing Integrative Craniosacral Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

I work online with clients worldwide.ย 

Learn more at DavenLee.com.
Listen to my conversation about the Power of the Yin in Business with Sarah and Matt Murphy on The Spirit of Business Podcast here.
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