Daven Lee

Teacher & Guide, The Power of the Yin
I am passionate about supporting strong, sensitive women embody the creativity, potency and unique expression of their Native Energy, the Yin. I offer programs, classes and one-on-one coaching in Santa Fe and internationally online.
 Nicola Woods  Do you know her work, Nicola?  Basically, I've been aware of her work for over 20 years.  A few years ago I looked her up, again falling in love with her artwork.  I had another project in mind at one point and contacted her about licensing one of her pieces.  That started a sweet conversation between us.  I subscribed to her weekly email, in which she features a particular painting, then details how it came about, her process, etc.  Every once in a while, when moved, I would write back to her about that week's email/artwork.  So, I kept a contact going. . . and her work came right to mind as this project came into my mind as well.  I contacted her about it and she said "yes!" right away!
While it will be a collaboration, I am actually "hiring" her to do the illustrations.  This will be quite expensive, so I'm working on creating a Kickstarter campaign . . . and trying to figure out the over-all budget.