Anna Sanchez (she/her)

Thanks for this, Cate! Just a side note, my email provider put the confirmation emails in my spam box, which I thought was interesting but I guess not surprising.
Anja, I didn't realize you were a guide! How fantastic. I signed up a few weeks ago already. I'm sorry to have missed the opportunity to participate in your group. 

Everyone, the Gene Keys is a rich body of work and I highly recommend it if you feel drawn to it. It compliments our work here. 

It requires a commitment to dive deeply into it but even you don't have that much time there's something about the work and group energy that still happens for you at whatever level you can participate. And much like LE, the work (contemplation) lives in you months/years after the course is done.
😍 It reminds me of the process Sarah taught us in LE last year she called Unity.
 Woohooo! Yeah, baby!

Just pre-ordered my deck! 

May this incredible medicine reach every corner of the world osb.

Daven, I'm thrilled for you and doubly thrilled for every deck recipient! ❤️
 Nienie Wood  
Yes, I'm with you now! It aligns with new thought patters I am developing/cultivating. Thank you for this!
Nienie, I really like the connection you've made between desire, disappointment, and resistance and how to work with it.

I'm curious to know more about the "evidence file." I can't quite see how feeling into the new experience and using imagination creates evidence. For me, evidence comes from the external; getting (or not getting) results. I'm intrigued by your position that evidence comes from within.
I love your promo images, Firoozeh!