Nicola Woods

Fine art photographer, tree advocate and nature lover. I create radiant tree portraits by combining my photographs with metal leaf.
๏ปฟ Daven Lee ๏ปฟ glad to hear this and hope you make a great connection with Malumir. My friend is the artist Ella Mazur whose work I love
๏ปฟ Daven Lee ๏ปฟย Hi Daven I've seen her work but wasn't super familiar with her as an artist. I think the two of you will create a beautiful deck.ย  If it helps I know another tarot card maker who had a successful kickstarter project and who worked with an artist friend of mine. good to check out for your research and perhaps get in touch for advice?ย  acornandburdock.caย 
Congratulations Daven! This looks amazing and how wonderful to collaborate with D. Yael Bernhardโค๏ธ would love to hear how that came about
๏ปฟ Yvonne Cormier ๏ปฟ Happy to hear this Yvonne! do let us know what happens ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Thanks Nancy, so affirming to hear this. and yes, would love to hear how "I would love to ..." helps others. โค๏ธ
what a lovely poem John and beautifully presented! and thanks I've haven't seen the Forecaster but will check it out and let you know
if anyone would like to learn more here' a link
Hi Nancy, thanks so much for offering this. I'm busy getting ready for my art exhibit on the weekend so won't be able to attend. But I thought you'd be interested to know that I attended a Buddhist ceremony on the weekend to connect with Avalokiteshvara and make offerings to the Nagas ".. offerings to help heal our water systems which are contaminated; we all suffer from long droughts, abnormal rainfall, and a shortage of good rainfall. " In essence to bring healing to nature and all sentient beings.ย  I find it very encouraging that this awareness is rising and that solutions are being offered. In gratitude, Nicola