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Replays and important information from Working Respectfully With Weather

Here are the replay links for Working Respectfully With Weather, led by  Nancy Boyd .  Both calls cover the same basic material but you may want to watch them both because different questions were covered.

There are links below the replays for additional material that is going to be very useful for you, so please check that out.  It will be important for you to download and read the pdf from Perelandra Ltd. which is a transcript of channeled information from Nature Intelligence directly, which explains what a proper and respectful relationship with Nature is all about.

Something I did not mention in either call is a book written by Machaelle Small Wright, founder of Perelandra:  Behaving As If The God In All Things Matters.  It's worth the read.

Now for the links:

Monday's zoom: 
Passcode: WAg5%is2 

Thursday's zoom:
Copy the link below to share this recording with viewers: 
Passcode: e7hx5w!0 

 Link to Perelandra PDF on What Is Nature Intelligence?:

Here are links for current global weather data.  Use them to locate and track storm systems:

These are based in the USA and cover North America but also some  global patterns:
for tornadoes:

You can also get fair data from, but this is a commercial site and has tons of stuff you don't want (just ignore that and tune in to the parts about weather)

If you live in Europe or on another continent besides North America, you might want to google what sites are tracking weather patterns from Europe and globally; that info is regrettably hard to find here.

Remember these basic precepts:

1)  Ground before starting to connect with Nature Intelligence and Weather.
2)  Be open to receive new information, which can sometimes either not make sense to you or else conflict with what you think you know.  Stretch your notions of what you think is possible and certainly drop any judgements you might hold.
3) Open a connection with the following energy fields (and verify each connection with yes/no before proceeding:
      a.  Nature Intelligence
      b.  Weather
      c.  the local area or storm system you want to contact
4)  Ask what the purpose of the weather activity is.  You may need to formulate this as a question that can be answered with yes or no, until you are able to receive more detailed information intuitively.
5)  Formulate and ask as many questions as you can about the activity and what is possible regarding any changes.  Some suggestions:  Can you change your trajectory/direction?  (If so, by how many degrees -- ask in increments so you can use yes/no questions.)  Can you change velocity?  Density?  Height?  Speed?  Can you disburse your field over a wider or narrower area?  And so on.
6)  Once you have as much information as you feel you need, make a request of Nature Intelligence, Weather, and the individual storm system to make the changes that you have discovered are possible, and wait until you get a Yes.  Ask it this way:  "Will you (state the desired action -- e.g., change direction, speed, strength, etc.)?" Wait for the yes.  You can also clarify this further with asking questions about when this will happen (e.g. immediately, within the next 5/10/15 minutes, etc.)  That is one of the questions you can ask before the final question of "will you?"  As I said in the 2nd call, I have never in my experience had Weather say no once we have gone through this kind of process, because at this point Nature and Weather know that we understand what we are requesting and are making that request out of a respectful consciousness about what is necessary and needed.
7)  Once you have asked all the questions and received clear answers, made your request for changes and gotten a response, thank all the energies with which you have been working, and ask to be disconnected. This is VERY important!  Make sure you are actually disconnected by asking if you are or not.  Don't leave the process until you get a yes.  This completes the session and allows you to go on to other things.

Tessa asked a very good question:  "What's next?"  I don't know.  Let's figure that out, shall we?  
While my time and availability is limited, I would be willing to facilitate some further steps if there is enough interest.  Please think about this and let me know your ideas.
It has been my privilege to be of service to you and to the blessed planet where we dwell.
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