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A powerful session

Hi you all!

I just want to make a little report.
Two month ago I asked for help in one of our 
Q&A Sessions in regards to find a new 
language to provide my art. I just was asking for help
from the universe, but as it takes some courage for me, 
I wanted to share that ask with our community
since I know that this has a powerful impact.
So, for me totally unexpected, Nienie Wood then contacted me 
an was offering to gift a free Quantum Calibration session
with her, as she has a lot of experience in working with creatives 
in this field or topic.

A month ago we had then a very powerful session together.
Nienie guided me so gently through the jungel of my resistance and I 
was able to see the real reason of my struggles with talking about 
and sharing my artwork freely and deeply. I met the energy lying behind this
blockage and it ist nothing else than a treasure, a living sparkle of my true self that now wants to be revealed.

I´m still exploring the change that is occurring, and I have some powerful tools that Nienie shared with me to support tho whole process.
I´m very thankful.. and very curious about my ongoing steps towards sharing and convey my art work to people with total ease.

Thank you Nienie!
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